Advanced e-mail & collaboration services...
Email & collaboration

... designed to provide extended e-mailing and communication services to compete with major providers & more. You can even easy your existing IT stuff day-to-day operations for your high class e-mailing requirements.

Web hosting serivces...
Shared Web Hosting

... to provide your company's or project's web presence. Different frameworks or regular html file content, including databases and plenty of diskspace. Use your own CMS in our environment & choose between dedicated or shared hostings.

Virtual Private Server hosting ...
Virtual Private Servers

... if you require increased security, more flexible system control, or you are developer who needs to host development of web projects. Use more from our servers and control your own access and requirements in secure environment.

Support & Consulting ...
Support & consulting

... provided to help you to deal with our & overall IS & IT systems and questions, including service usage and your user suppot. We take care to decrease your costs on Commercial or Open Source project implementations & support.

Other services ...
Other Stikpoint Services

... are available upon request and thet are described in portal Services section. We are ready to support you mostly in all IT and IS questions. Upon design of new services or projects, we will describe them in our portal.

Services that Matter

Our main focus: Provide low cost high quality online & collaborative business IT services for projects, organizations or personal use, offering responsive, professional & personalized support.